About to start up a FiveM roleplay server? Some things you should note


I feel some helpful/unhelpful advice on starting up a server is needed, because it seems 10 new servers announce their existance every day - reading this might save you a lot of time and effort.

First of all, if you want to start a server because you want to be in charge of a server, that is a terrible reason. Starting a server out of wanting power will never work out for you, simply because most people who do it end up being fairly power hungry which poisons your entire server. Similarly, if you, and a group of other people, are breaking off from a server to make a community, then reconsider if it’s worth it. What you’re doing there is making an immediate competitor, particularly if higher ups are breaking off.

Second, be original. There are hundreds of servers out there - trust me, you’re not going to stand out unless you have something unique.
Some notes for original server setting up:

  • ESX servers are not original. They are, however, different. So, if you can couple that with enough different ideas, you will have something unique.
  • Avoid calling it “[Insert State Name] Roleplay”, or any variation on that. Chances are it has been done before - many times before. Similarly, search for your name to make sure it doesn’t already exist. And for the love of god, don’t include DOJ in it. That just makes it look like you’re trying to be a copycat.
  • Always think about what makes your server different. Remember that, use that. People only join a server if there’s not already a bigger server offering the same thing.

Third, do you need to make a server? There are plenty of small servers out there, many of which could always do with more people, and which have spots high up. Join one of those servers - if they share your interests, brilliant, you have a community and can work together. If not, keep trying. Working together is always better than spending a load of money on a server.

Because here’s another thing: a FiveM server will not make you money. Not only is it financially unattainable, but making a profit would violate the FiveM EULA. So don’t do that.

Fourth: Wait until you have a community before spending money on a CAD. Alternatively, consider the free CAD options out there - things like OpenCAD can help you save money on paying a developer to do something that’s already beend one.

Fifth: Having someone with a basic understanding of programming, especially Lua, is helpful. Being able to customise scripts is important, especially since if you use generic scripts then your server will feel generic. It

I’ve been a member of 3 communities, including one that has broken off from another community; I’ve now started my own community recently. I have been through a fair amount in the FiveM community, so I do hope that this advice helps someone else before they make any mistakes.


I completely agree.

I just want to add something, if you want to create a server, you can’t do it without any scripting knowlegde or having a dev in your team. If you take plenty of resources, they will not work together without any bug, you have to configure everything and fix bugs. Like @CarriedRogue said, be original, for that, you’ll need to create your own script.

Yes it’s obvious but I know a lot tried to create a server without any scripting knowledge.