[?] About FiveM Premium Keys


As you may no. We are able to have unlimited server keys. Are we able to sell slots for keys? On the TOS there is no clarification for this. As we are putting money into fivem each month. Also maybe we could sell too cover the costs of the plan we are on?


What do you mean by this?


Sorry the wording messed up. I am talking about Selling Key Slots. Like as in making a key under my key master. Then selling it.


No that’s not allowed afaik. Maybe @moderation can clarify.


Would you know about selling them just to cover costs for the rank upkeep. In the TOS is says. You may get payments from players for upkeep. I was wondering if this would cross into the keys aswell.


To my knowledge server keys should not be distributed between different users. They are yours as they are linked with your account.


What is the purpose of unlimited keys. I am ok with this awnser and not sell them. Yet i am still confused why they do not limit the amount you can have.


What’s the point in limiting them?


So people don’t start giving them out.


Anyways, thanks for answering my question.


Ok but its not going to stop them. That’s why there is the ToS, people may not listen, but if they don’t they will face disciplinary action against them or their server.


Why would you need to give them out when anyone can get unlimited keys for themselves? All they would need is an account? Lol


They are talking about having the element from Patreon.


That’s definitely not allowed and could result in your license keys being blacklisted/revoked afaik.


Oh right.