Ability for server owners to hide the chat when triggering an event



Hi is it possible to have the ability for server owners to hide the chat when triggering an event.

/dischat could hide the chat
/enchat would unhide it

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yeah if you make it connect to rcon or something then stop the chat… but then you need a restart to enable it again


you can stop and start the chat resource but history for the chat is gone and certain resources quit working.


This would take like ten minutes to write into the chat resource itself. Just add an event listener for the slash command, have it set a variable, and have the chat check that variable any time you try to open it or it receives a message.


I don’t believe that’s what he’s asking. He’s trying to achieve just a single player hiding the chat when they want. Not the whole server not being able to use it at all.


yes that is what I would love.


Maybe if you trigger an event which would make the chat box 0% visible.


I also would love to hide, or remove some of the chat notifications:

  • Joining and leaving the server (flooding our chat since we are mostly full)


you can remove that in the chat resource


i know this is old, but i moved it to #general-discussion as it really isnt a feature request.


There is a /togglechat script that we run on our server that does this. It hides the chat client side (but does not disable it globally). I forget who’s github we found it on.


Stoned Turtle


Yup! That’s him. I remember the turtle avatar, lol.


bump! anyone got a solution?


As above. Check out the stoned turtles github


i have checked it out, what would the resource be under?


Its the chat resource. He made a fork for the original resource from cfx collective


Hmm i remember a resource exactly like that aswell, cant seem to find it anymore


he might of taken it down.


Oh no, not the british grammar! :joy: