A System / Script for the resource listing in the serverbrowser


We all know these servers that have dozens and dozens of resources loaded and its just a mess also a mess in the console. (Some people might have other oppinios but this is mine)

Id like a feature where you can tell the server to Only take the Folder name not the subfolders

so for example i have 20 cars installed and they are all addons

i have them in a folder called PoliceVehicles.

but in the browser they show as police1 police2 police3 and so on.

Id like a feature where it just shows “PoliceVehicles” without merging the meta files into one big because its much cleaner for me to work like that.

Like i said not everyone coud like that idea but i do so i write a feature request.
Please dont get Toxic in here.


then only merge the __resource.lua file into sections/functions?


That’s what I’ve done and works amazing


sorry for my noobish question, how woud ive do this ? didnt really se anything on the forums.


Tagged wrong person i ment you instead of the cfg-syxstem.element.58

So… coud you provide an example ?


In the resource.lua you will see your mrtas being loaded correct? So let’s say your wanting to merge your fire department metas all you need to do is rename the metas to match the right metas,

If you want to see what I kinda did check out Royalty Gaming and look at the resources


Ohhh i tried that allready, and how woud i be able to check out your resource.lua file its your server i cant access your files :smiley:

coud you send me an example __resource.lua file ?

woud be awesome.


or if you’re trying to organize, you can make sub-directories… just use brackets for example:

https://bluebear.network/images/2019-02-05_17-53-22.gif (wouldn’t embed)