A problem of animation


Hello everyone,

i almost finish my animation’s module but i have a last thing to fix and hope someone know how to do.

most of animation dictionnary have different animation for the enter,loop,exit.
the problem is when i make transition from enter to loop or loop to exit , there is a short time where the ped release the current animation state before start the next animation and that’s ugly.

i wonder how to avoid this.


Reduce the Citizen.Wait ?

Most animations play for 2,5/3 seconds. Just do;

TaskPlayAnim(bla bla)
TaskPlayAnim(bla bla)

Makes it smoother.


nop , i already tried 2 things and it’s both the same

first i choose the proper time for each animation like you said 1.5sec for the start , 6 sec for the loop , and 2 sec for the end. everytime it changing animation it release the bodypart to neutral position quickly and start the next one.
i was giving the same time to the animation and the delay.

second things i tried was to put a little less delay for be a bit faster to change animation before the animation stop , i was thinking this could fix this , but it’s exactly the same , it release quickly the body part to neutral position and switch animation.