A pat on the back to the FiveM Community



I personally would like to give a pat on the back to @FAXES for taking the lead of action against the toxic people that try to bring the FiveM community down.

I have been in the FiveM community for a little over a year now, and there are a bunch of obstacles I have overcame since my arrival. The majority of what I have learned in my time in the community whter it was trying to figure out how to skin a vehicle or start a server was learned right here on these forums.

Also, special thanks to @dibzer.

This is my personal thank you to the people mentioned,

In the FiveM community, #WEAreStrongerTogether


Good too hear! The forums is a great place to learn things. So many modding tutorials etc.

Yes sadly some people bring it down and seem to have enjoyment in doing so, which is just sad. But as a community team we can get past that.

Thanks as well. But you know if you see an issue on the forums to flag the post :wink:


Appreciate the love and support man❤️ Only trying to make this a better place for everyone!