A New Beginning Serious Role Play Server. Multiple Police Departments, Fire/EMS and Civilian Positions. Now Hiring all Positions!



Come check out all of our new vehicles and peds!


our new stuff is awesome!


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Added a bunch of new cool stuff, apparently GTA5 had an update last night, oh boy!


Police challenge tonight boys be there and win a prize


Our teamspeak looks great now!


We do patrols daily and have a theme based patrol. We could really use some civs.


Join our discord for an interview today! Doesnt take long and after a little training you will be patrolling in your own car


We have 55 Emergency vehicles total, including police, fire, ems, sert team, helicopters, mobile command centers, marked and unmarked units, DUI teams, Drug interdiction teams and etc. Come check us out today. Which vehicle will be yours?


We need some civilians please. Thanks everyone


Civilians come join our awesome server! We need you guys!!!


Public Safety Division is Hiring !!!


Hiring for all positions now! Join and apply today!


We are now hiring for police, fire, ems and our civilian department. Come and join us today!


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