A log where we can see what are people using


I came up with this topic is to find out people who are using Matrix Menu and other menu’s which makes our server crash.This is going up till the max where there are some rando’s come into a server which is doing great rp’s,In the matrix menu it allows the person to spam spawn,explode and spawn UFO’s…It get into your nerves when almost 99% Of them are rping and Some Jerk gets on and ruin rp’s…Please Comment if you agree or disagree to me!!Thank You Fivem


which makes our server crash

Please provide a dump file, so developers can fix this ASAP. This only applies to windows unfortunately.


Noo,the menu got to be fix not the server


We can’t stop people from cheating in FiveM. It’s an endless cat and mouse game.
BUT what we can do is prevent the server from crashing, making the FiveM experience a more pleasurable one.

So saying “Noo,the menu got to be fix not the server” is kind of a stupid remark if you ask me.


It would be nice to have a script that shows what the client is running. If you want to stop trolls like that vmenu would be your best bet