A GOOD Crown Victoria Police Interceptor



Hello everyone, i’m losing time (2 days), to searching for a good LSPD Crown Victoria Police Interceptor…
after i watched so many models (all horribile made), i’m trying here to ask the community if someone know a very good made model, cause i cannot found anything :frowning:

P.S. I already searched for topic in this website, but i found nothing :frowning:


Don’t tell me you used the search fuction because this is the first thing that pops up when i type in “crown vic”

Don’t lie , And this is a well made model and i like it personally and if you can’t find what you are looking for on this forum than go search for them on lcpdfr.com or gta 5 mods.


I searched also in LCPDFR.com and in Gta5-mods.com, and i didn’t found anything…
someone without plate, someone with plate but with no corona :L


There are a lot of crown vics on lcpdfr.com i have a Bxbugs vic that i use for my server.


Bxbugs vic doesn’t have license plate, only a custom that is the same for all the vehicles…


You mean it has a plate modeled on it or not because i don’t see why that’s a problem. And if it doesn’t have one you can just put the texture on there.


Yep, but if i put a texture, all vehicles are the same…i need to insert the signcode of every officer on the plate :L


Well that is not always possible. And if you really need that than or request it or make it yourself because i can’t help you with that.


Yep, but now i can’t buy a vehicle from a developer :L