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Can you stop bumping this thread. It gets really annoying when it keeps appearing on the top page, especially when people are looking for the latest post from very small communities hoping to grow.


I apologize but I really donโ€™t know if that is against the rules. Plus we are also a small community that tried that out at first. But then I saw all the other communities bumping themselves up, therefore I decided to do the same so we donโ€™t get irrelevant. If this is breaking the rules please let me know and I will more than happily stop bumping this post.


I understand when you do it every now and then, but once a day is far too much!
If I were to it I would do it around every week. I donโ€™t know whether itโ€™s breaking the rules or not, Iโ€™m not a mod.


With that being said. I saw I a mod saying itโ€™s fine to post once a day. Plus Im really trying my best to keep this community alive. Its not like I have 100 members and im bumping it. We are a community that is in need of members and this by far the best way to let people know. But iโ€™m not willing to stop bumping it unless there is something against the rules. Since this category is made for the reason to get your community noticed by the public. I will try my best to reduce the amount of posts on this :slight_smile:.


Once a day is the advised amount of time to do it, The mods tell you to do it, and it is well within the guidelines, if it annoys that much, once a day, then thatโ€™s pathetic.


I appreciate your help :slight_smile:.


no problem :wink: :wink:


Reality Gaming the place to be :smiley: i know a chesey comment, hope to see you there!


Cโ€™mon guys, letโ€™s start a RP. iโ€™ll be your Highway Patrol Officer of the day!


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Great community, realistic role-play, fantastic leadership, excellent developers, 10/10 would join again. - IGN



We now have Server Sided ELS, with many many vehicle for the fire department and various law enforcement agencies! Come join Reality Gaming Today!


great community come join and get in on the fun


SAHP, LSCS, LSFD Are now hiring and accepting people interested in joining one of the departments. Also as a civilian gruppe6 is looking for my security guards!


Come and join the rp on Reality Gaming we offer a lot of roles that you can play and many departments for you to join. For example I am hiring for my security business all positions. So what are you waiting for come join us today.


i just joined here and it is such a nice place all the staff are welcoming and also they get to you fast :slight_smile:


SAHP Appreciation day!


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