8 year roleplay veteran looking to call home (Experience from SA-MP, FiveM, GTA 4)

Tons of experience in the SA-MP, FiveM, and ■■■■■■ realm and looking to call a community my home. I am a 20-year-old male from North Carolina.

Here’s a document that includes most of my experience within communities, obviously throughout 8 years I cannot remember every community I have joined and contributed in.

Only looking for a couple of requirements:

-Looking to join the State Highway Patrol.
-Looking for all blue lighting on the vehicles. (blue lights for the win)
-Looking for a serious and mature community, preferably 16+ and above. 18 and above is even better.
-I prefer whitelisted communities over the public, but I’ll take a shot at a public one if need be.

I am able to create documentation, powerpoint presentations, and contribute to field training. My skills do not end there. Message me and let me know what I can do for you.

Discord: Seabrook#0001


Add me on discord


I sent you a friend request

Bumping this. Still looking for a place to call home.

Please read the original post to find out what I am looking for.

you can join: https://discord.gg/6xNjQnw
and we take RP very seriously so I think this would be a good server to join

thy are also looking for STAFF, PD, EMS………………

Hello fellow North Carolinian!!!

I am from Alias Social and would be happy to have you on our whitelisted, lambda based community. Feel free to join our discord at alias.social/discord using your web browser or DM me personally at Jetmonkey17#0017.

Benefits for you:

  1. We have all-blue state vehicles.
  2. We are whitelisted
  3. We only accept mature players into our community with a decently strict age limit. Most of us are 18+
  4. We have a Colonel who would be happy to work with you on running the department and getting our officers up to speed.