5KRP | ELS SERVER | Revamped Staff Team



Here at 5K Roleplay we pride ourselves in AMAZING RP and strive to be the best out there! Our Directors/Admins have expert level of experience in what we deal with and we will be able to assist you on any of your needs. There is always at least 1 of us always on at every moment to assist you, so don’t be afraid to join our Discord!

So to get to the nitty gritty of 5KRP we will start with what we are hiring! Below is a list of all current dept. that are hiring:

  • Moderators
  • BCSO
  • Communications
  • LSPD
  • SAHP
  • Civilian Operations

Honestly we just want people to have a good time and enjoy the time they are having with 5K! If you feel like you would like to be any of those and would like to join then feel free to go to our WEBSITE and fill out an application for which you would like to join, ask about being a reservist for something else if you’d like also.

We urge you to join and see just what we are about, after all we are looking for more awesome people to be there for the GRAND OPENING of the server!

Feel free to check out all of our links here!


Discord: https://discord.gg/cbDypvk
Website: https://rp5k.weebly.com/
TeamSpeak: Coming Soon!

Also let us know what we could improve on and what we are doing well at, we love feedback!

Thanks for checking us out!


Jake N. | Chief Director


Hey could I ask why I got banned from your sever when I wanted to do is help your sever and be a cop


I nicely messaged you saying we don’t have a double clan rule, and if you own a community then we can’t allow you in. I wasn’t trying to be mean about anything, you got mad at me for telling you how our community rules are. I am not gonna argue on a topic, so I tried to work with ya and give ya staff but you denied. Best of luck to you man :slight_smile:


Then I said I don’t want to be staff I just want to be a cop and then I got banned


Yes I offered and you declined… but you got very hostile towards me. I’m not arguing over something like this on a forum post, if you want you can DM me.


Ok will be happy too


@Photobox_2009 Rules are rules, if you don’t like them or can’t follow them then don’t be mad if you get banned. Now leave this drama out of this topic and go to the PM’s if you need to argue about things.


5KRP?..That’s a neat name.


We are still hiring and would like to see some new faces join :slight_smile:



  • We currently have ELS in the server!
  • Community has NEW Admins
  • HUGE Community adjustments happening

We look forward to seeing you in the Discord!! :slight_smile:



All information is on there as well as the application. If you have any questions feel free to ask us via Discord or DM on the Forums. :slight_smile:


This is shameful, blatantly disrespectful on their own Discord and expecting people to join? wow.


Seems like all you do is shit talk RP communities… http://prntscr.com/i301xr
Just saying


Alright that’s enough RP drama in here, no more please :mascot:.
Take it to the PMs if you need to discuss things.


Bump… COME JOIN US TODAY! ALL Applications are open!