3D Voice chat


Is it possible to make a 3D voice instead of the usual one in fivem?


What do you mean by a 3D Voice chat?


I think he means a multi-directional system like what ArmA has.


Oh hell yeh that would be awesome, this could also link in with distance & fading etc


Me and a friend have thought of some ways to do it but we just have to find the time to actually make it. Honestly would probably be one of the harder systems to do since it would be all externally… guess we will see what happens XD


I hope this happens. It would be cool


Something like TFR for Arma 3 perhaps?

TFR for those of you who don’t know is a radio plugin for teamspeak which acts as a tunnel between TS and the arma 3 server, alot of RP servers use it.