Hey everyone and thanks for stopping by!

So I want to interest you guys in a new server! But before I do that I want to tell you a little about myself and my staff.

A little about myself: I started playing fivem in November of 2016 and I played on a server for a year and learned how to roleplay from the bottom as an officer with a server that only had like 5 people playing at the time to becoming the Commissioner of CHP in a server with more than 1500 members. Then after a few mishaps, I and some friends from the CHP division in that server made a new server and I stayed there and we became the server with 700 members. However once again after some mishaps, I decided to make my own server.

I give you CaliWayRP. Where RP comes first.

My dream for this server as the owner is to make sure that everyone has fun with all the current scripts and whatever custom cars so long as they do not cause texture issues in the server. I also want to make sure that my current staff and admins are all well taken care of and any admin that does get hired will be given the trust that they need to make sure that they carry out their job without issues or the owner undoing the admin action that is taken.

I also want this server to be the place that people can if they are having issues in the real world can find a place away from the real world to take a break and come here and just become a different person through RP itself. But I can’t do this alone I need help and active members and staff. Male or Female Gang or Police, we are looking for people that want to follow in the mission to come here and RP.

The goal of my staff is to make sure that every member has fun, answer any questions that a member could have. Through my time as a player, I also need to make sure that my staff can keep their cool and make sure that if things get rough as they will with a non-whitelisted server they can decide to take a break and let another admin who is level headed and cool to make sure that the members get treated fairly.

Some example RP: https://youtu.be/3Aq_aOhX3UU

As for some of the civ cars that my current civilians have already chosen here are some pictures, as well as some of the cop cars that we have and we have a lot more LAPD and RSD being set up at the moment. We have some fire and EMS cars that are in this link.

We just setup a bunch of newer fire trucks and we have a few more unmarked cars and about 6 more sheriff skins now

CHP video showcase with helicopter script.

Some things that are cool about us, the custom items I have implmented into the cad for easy access such as department applications for applying instead of having a website.

For cops I have made a calculator for automatically get fine amounts and jail time amounts aswell as making it so that penal codes are automatically populated when typing the code or number.

I have setup a new warrant system that allows for more detailed warrant reports so cops have to take the time to write it out for other officers to see whats going on if the writing officer has logged off.

If you are looking for somewhere to move up because you feel you are stuck, this is the place to do it. We need people to come in and help the team for the team.

We blend the RP with fun and seriousness for everybody to enjoy their time in CALIWAYRP.

For those of you that want to join us! Please come to our discord and come talk to us!

For the civilians that are joining please go to https://caliwaycad.com and set up a Character the access password is CRP2019

For anyone that joins You will get a free $150,000 for your first RP scenario!

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OH hell yea, looks like a nice server to start up with, great selection of cars aswell.

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I’m very interested in joining this RP server! This would be my first RP experience, would that be a problem @jwhs123?

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Not an issue at all! We encourage new comers! Come join the discord and we will get you all setup!




Joined up yesterday. Awesome group of people, incredibly helpful and fun!


More of you could feel like him if you came^!




If you are giving out that much money for players why not just use Lambda or VMenu there is no economy there!


Its really not that much?


Were really growing fast for those of you looking for a community!


Looking for more active members! We had 15 on last night! Come find your home today!


I joined this group a few weeks ago and really enjoy it. Have some laughs in Discord. Want a special addition? Suggest it! Admins are very open to new additions if it adds to the experience of the RP.

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I joined the server almost a month ago and I am happy to say that after 3 years of roleplay that I have found my final home. The staff is very nice and the developers are very fast to fix any reported bugs.


The greatest Five M RP Server that I’ve been apart of. Helpful staff and members, loads of custom cars and police vehicles. 11/10




Last night we had 22 people on and were shooting for more! Are you gonna be one of the new people finding a home!?


This community is something special, I joined about 2 weeks ago and honestly it is a very good server I love all the car choices and how much dedication they put into getting us nice expensive cars. You have a really great choice of department you wanna be in and overall its just a great server would recommend to anyone that ask me for a good server that is in need.


Started playing on this server after three months on another RP server and i couldn’t consider anything else home on the FiveM platform, amazingly quick response time to any issue I had, the owner is more than reasonable and has done an amazing job setting this up for smooth and worry free game play. The admins and others have the best RP i’ve seen (watched a couple big players on YouTube.com prior to playing). You have to join this server.