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Server → 24/7 Emergency Services
Discord → https://discord.gg/6wsjVrc
Owner → Zack D.
Server Trailer → N/A
Server IP →

Within the 24/7 Emergency Services Roleplay Community, we strive to bring you the best possible experience, in a family friendly, and loving environment. We do the best we can to interact with our community, to ensure that there is a connection between the highest levels of staff, and the lowest levels of members. We frequently host Friday parties, server-wide events, and fun holiday-related events. We strive to try to make the experience of everyone to be eventful and try to make it as fun as we can. We try to strive for greatness and try to get more players to see the efforts that many have not yet mastered but others can, here you can do much more then you may think you can!

What Do We Offer:
→ Realism
→ Serious RP
→ Friendly Staff
→ Friendly Owners
→ Custom Police, Fire, EMS Vehicles
→ Custom Scripts
→ ELS Cars
→ Custom Cad
→ Active Staff
→ (Working On it) Active Members
→ Better Opportunity For All

We are always looking for new members for the server to help us grow and help us become a bigger and better community than ever!

-Thanks For Reading
~ Zack D.




looking fornew peeps