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2020Gaming was formed years ago from a very successful Altis Life server, and we have now switched to Fivem RP.

We are a serious role-playing community of about 10, and we are now ready to recruit Police, Medics, Fire and rescue, civilian manager and some RP jobs like Taxi Driver, Bus Driver, Mechanic, Pilot, and others, and we are looking for 2 quick learners for our communications team ( dispatcher, and Manager ) as we now have a CAD system in place.

We are from all nationalities, though the server is based in UK ( timezone too ) our aim is to have a place people can come to to role-play drama free, and to build a community ( corny but true )

Within the next 48 hours the server will permanently white-listed. We want to be able to RP without distractions, and the admins wanted to RP too, so it was decided to permanently white-list.

About the server:
There are no set jobs/blips for jobs etc, all jobs are RP’d ( other than police/medic )
Our currency system is mainly used for RP ( buying stuff in shops etc )
We have some nights for events set up by admins/civilian manager
We all love to RP, and take it seriously!

You can have a look at our YouTube to get a better idea about us,
or check the horrible website yes we know its missing a zero :slight_smile:
Here is a video of us roleplaying :smiley:

If you are interested, join our team-speak or add me on steam

Thank you for reading, hope to speak to you soon,


CAD system live! need a dispatcher! you don’t have to even own GTAV!


Good Community to start with.The police has been a great experience for me and we are always looking for more civs to take up jobs aswell as emergency services such as police, Fire brigade and Paramedics.