(16+) Looking for mature & experienced staff / department heads!


About the Community:
This will not be our official post so I won’t go too far into detail.
To say the least, we are striving for a very serious/mature style of roleplay. There is currently 2 staff members, including me. We’ve been working hard every day for about month to get where we’ve gotten. Most of our documentation is done, as well as our FiveM Server. There is more work to be done though, don’t have any doubt about that. We won’t be giving you a position for free, you must work for it!

At least 16 years of age.
At least a month of experience in staff/supervisor duties. (paperwork, managing a department, etc…)
Patience & Activity! We aren’t expecting to have the community alive for about a month. Hopefully this post will speed up our process. We need you to be active so we can get the community alive as soon as possible.

Job Description:
You will be mainly working on documentation. We are doing all of our documents entirely custom couch unlike some people couch and it will take time to complete, we’re already started and have gotten a large amount of work done. You’ll also mainly doing department work depending on what position you choose the job title may vary. As long as you can prove to us you deserve the position we have no issue letting you keep it.

Open Positions:
All command staff positions for the San Andreas Fire & Rescue.
All command staff positions for the San Andreas Communications Department.
All command staff positions for the San Andreas Civilian Operations.
All command staff positions for the San Andreas Highway Patrol.
Some command staff positions for the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office.
Some command staff positions for the Los Santos County Sheriff’s Office.
Some community staff positions are open but will be hard to get.

Contact us on discord:
Keegan P.#0240 or Drezy#1469

Recommendations for a new player friendly server

We are still looking, thanks to everyone who has visited and checked us out!


ill join :slight_smile: send me the discord Tragic#9257


Hey everyone. Still looking for staff members. Be sure to message us on discord!


We’re still searching, thanks again to everyone who has checked us out, thus far!

To give some incentive to want to join, here is a sneak peek at a few of our current LEO Vehicles:
(NOTE: Changes to department vehicles may be made in the future)