14+ Whitelisted With Serious RP | San Andreas State Roleplay - SASRP | ELS | Pull over AI | Professional CAD/MDT | Police/Fire/EMS/Civilians



Our focus is quality roleplay. That’s it. We keep it simple and entertaining. We value every member’s input in making the community great. We have several positions available that you can earn over your tenure at SASRP. Just as every server, we have cars, peds, etc. However, it doesn’t matter what everything looks like or functions unless the quality of the server is there.

How To Join?

  1. Fill out the Application Below
  2. Join the Interview Discord and type “I’m Ready” in the im-ready channel (perfect name for the channel right?).
  3. A supervisor will be with you as soon as they can to evaluate your application and interview you.
  4. A decision will be made to either accept or deny your application.

Do note supervisors may not respond immediately to your application. Follow the procedure and as stated, we will be with you as soon as we can!

Application: Click Here
Interview Discord: Click Here
Website: Click Here

★★ Departments ★★

  • San Andreas State Patrol
  • Blaine County Sheriff Office
  • Los Santos Police Department (Coming Soon)
  • Los Santos County Fire & EMS
  • Communications
  • Civilians

★★ Requirements ★★

  • Be at least 14 years of age
  • Follow Server & Community Rules (including structure and regulations)
  • Have a Working Microphone
  • Must Speak English

★★ Features ★★

  • LEO/FIRE/EMS Vehicles
  • Peds, Weapons, Sounds
  • Realism Scripts (Such as weapon sway, vehicle damage, etc.)
  • Professional and Working CAD/MDT (DOJ style)
  • ELS
  • PIS Script (Callouts, AI Pullovers, etc.)
  • SpeedRadar
  • Many More

Sneak Peak Screenshots

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Yes. I do need one of those currently. Join and we’ll chat


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Awesome community very professional been with them for about 3 week, if your looking for realistic role play here is a good server for you