14 New ESX jobs


i need help on the job list and the languge im trying to change it to english and dont know how and the i need a job listing thing so i can go the the job center and chose a job i cant seem to find that either.


I Cant use the mafia meny to buy in weapons? need help…



You need to be the boss to see the boss marker use /setjob id mafia 3


My full ESX server files


I have The same problem, Any Solutions?


@RIB Thank you for fixing my original ESX Garbage Job, this is the creation of mine and @David_Carneiro WIP


If you have already imported the SQL then change language in the database , if not change it in the SQL file before import.





thank you for all of your work! i am excited to try these , but cant figure out how to import the sql…could you please help


i can not get the jobs to work i see them on my map but when i go to them nothing is happening can you help plz


There is a problem with airlines, I am able to see the markers only on foot, never when sitting in a plane or heli. That’s kind of bummer, when you have to be up in the air, where the markers are…


Hi, I have a problem with the various gangs. When a person changes with the clothes of the mafia he is changed the skin of the character, while I would like them to be changed only clothes. thank you very much for helping


I am having these ingame issues can someone help me? http://prntscr.com/kvvoqi


Can anyone provide non-Mega download links?


The female park ranger job outfit turns you into a man, is there a way to fix that?


Dude I try that and when I load my one up I never get the white writing in the boxes…Its strange… I love your videos though dude.


ive been trying to convert these into vrp. is it possibe? i could use som help