14 New ESX jobs


Aitline Job
Garbage Job
Bank security
Pizza Delivery

Traffic Officer - Needs coordinates modified

Download link:




This job is not workin for me.


@RIB You need to include your download link in this post too


All the jobs work and there in the description

Garbage =was remade by me its not the one on the discord


Hey Rib thank you for what you are doing for the FiveM community with all your videos and providing these jobs as a download. You have actually helped me learn how to build not only the ESX servers but also vRP. A big thank you for everything you have done for us.

Blue Code Gaming


Just put the link here its useless in your YouTube video when people know how install resources




The plugin with the money GUI will not work, what are i am going to do?
And what plungin are that?

And what plugin is this? https://gyazo.com/dd48ee9740278123e3d47b61142ec4be


its job center for esx


Job center https://mega.nz/#!lH5VEKDB!ykjLboBAeee7J2pjT5cBvZhXU6DGwys1VTpAq4T_DRo


Hello, I know you probably will think I am an idiot but how do I import the sqls. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you


You add a specific folder to the resource folder for instance i put esx_jobs in the resource [esx] folder then you add it to the start paremeters of your server.cfg like start esx_jobs

Then you import the sql


yo dude i downloaded that jobcenter for my server, its shows the marker on the map but when i go there it doesnt give me the option to select a job… would you know a fix for this?


I don’t understand what’s new with slaughterer, fisherman, etc … Many of these are basic jobs from the core.


Were do i get the trucker job


how to translate the list of jobs into the employment agency


yes same for me too i put the job center in i go there and then i go into the circle then nothing happens


It’s some type of bug I think, just make sure you have the original esx jobs installed first then you can install the addon jobs



how do i change it from french to english?


when I look at the code to set up my server the job mods just say attempt to index a nil value

an you help me