10-4 rp| serious rp | now recruiting for all departments



Hello, I am Owner of the 10-4rp community, we are now opened and ready for you to apply with us. Here at 10-4 role play we are all about professionalism and fun. If you want to apply head over to http://10-4rp.com/recruitment. Once you apply, check back frequently by singing into your application to check your status!!

If you have any question please contact us by going to our discord or teamspeak.

Website: http://10-4rp.com 1
Discord: https://discord.gg/PQHwPnU
Teamspeak: ts13.emperorhosting.com
Please note that our website is still in the editing proccess!

Owner: C.Holt


Very good community to be apart of I’m glad I’m apart of this family❤️❤️


Please note that we are still recruiting and hiring for all ranks in each department. Thanks!!


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