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Some things you can add on AFS roleplay (3)
Addons and Plugins folders for Singleplayer (2)
[Request] We need Arabic language support on FiveM (2)
Ability to use external download source for plugins cache / cars and other models (4)
A proper key library! IsKeyPressed etc (18)
[ Forum Related Request ] Frequently Asked Questions (6)
Stream mpmale and mpfemale clothes and props (10)
Have you got YouTube songs on car radio? (3)
AI Airplanes? (8)
Mumble VOIP hook "canHearPlayer" (2)
[REQUEST] Make it so we can search for servers that allow client scripts (3)
One update on script Add-On Vehicle Spawn Menu (2)
Airplane Sync vs. Car Sync (3)
Please add a queue when connecting to the server (2)
Change to the TOS about ingame donations (15)
Reimplementation of Vehshare.ytd Streaming (4)
Photo lounge (2)
__resource.lua data_file for mapzoomdata.meta (3)
Allowing mumble positional with out a work around (5)
? CameraProps in his/her shoulder? (2)
[Request] Ability to disable the resources list on the connecting page (6)
Task manager for Fivem Servers? (2)
Weather.xml Streaming (3)
Add a console command "Disconnect" (11)
Single-Player Mode (9)
Ability to disable the debug screen ( 2 3 ) (53)
Discord Button in Server Info Page (5)
Windows 10 popup (4)
[Request] Server Security (18)
Shared file (3)