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Polish idiot cheating on servers on stream (10)
Microsoft Visual c++ Runtime Library (Assertion Fail) (11)
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Rejoining the server w/o restarting the game breaks custom clothes streaming (13)
Set%sAsNoLongerNeeded and some Delete%s do not work with latest manifest version (7)
[SOLVED] Trouble with SetEntityAsNoLongerNeeded ( 2 ) (21)
Citizen.Await ( 2 ) (21)
Controllers Stopped working after Update (5)
Client verifying server-cache issue (Multiple servers) (4)
Fivem://connect/ no longer opens FiveM (3)
Reshade & SweetFX doesn't work after new update! (3)
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Using .NET resources (resx files) crashes the FiveM resource (13)
FiveReborn Error net-tcp-server.dll (9)
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Helium-bakerloo-mexico, DeleteEntity crash (4)
Virus while connecting? (8)
CitizenFX Fatal Error (19)
Always crash (15)