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Bug Report Format (2)
Detected Trojan Whilst updating FiveM (1)
Virus detected while Downloading (3)
Cannot CTRL+C from "Connection Failed" screen anymore (2)
Unloading popgroups.ymt crashes FiveM (10)
Possible Bug with new update? (7)
Bug regarding events in the Javascript API (6)
Voice Chat in game (2)
(Mumble) Voice Chat Malfunctioning for Aurum Club Members (18)
Mumble voice makes all other applications quieter (3)
Voice Chat Turning into Mono Audio (Only Hearing From One Side) (8)
I can't open my console (4)
Principal Inheritance Not Working (7)
Client loads handling.meta but doesnt apply it (5)
Why does FiveM not working anymore on Win7 Ultimate SP1 (5)
I think i found the fix for green-tennis-mountain error (3)
[C#] Player != null -> NullReferenceException (1)
Crash 'Disconected' (6)
Mumble voice: 'is anyone talking' function doesn't take 3D audio calculations into account (1)
{NEED HELP} No clipping looking glitch (5)
FXServer 584 (Windows) Broke Our Queue! (13)
[BUG] Resource name is shown before the actual message in deferred connection (4)
"Queue: Deferring connection" (3)
[BUG] water not going away (2)
Stupid Crashes (3)
IsVehicleEngineStarting causing a crash (1)
[C#] EventHandlerDictionary CallUtilities NullReferenceException (1)
India-winter-beryllium is slaughtering us (Delta-red-lithium too) (17)
FiveM Installation Error (5)